Rooflight Panels

Rooflight Panels

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Everlight skylight is an excellent substitute for conventional cheaper & poor quality FRP/GRP sheets an polycarbonate sheets. Everlight is durable and proves as a “Value For Money” product in the long run.

  • Everlight roofing & side cladding system
  • Available in different shapes, profiles & colours
  • Translucent non-glare and crinkle-diffused sheets
  • Industrial Building & warehouse
  • Fire Retardant
  • Natural Light – Saves Electricity Cost
Description Machine Made FRP/GRP Sheet.
Brand Everlight / LifeGuard Resin RL UV / G.P / Isophthalic / Vinylester / Epoxy / Phenolic
Model Any type Fiber Glass Min. 30%.
Color As required Gel CoatTop side with any resin (Dep. Appl.)
Width 1450mm(Stretch) Warranty 10-15 years (Dep. Specification & thk)
Length No restriction Unit Price Depends specification and thickenss
Thickness 1-6mm

Unit Weight Depend on type

Tolerance + or – 10%

Capacity 50,000 Sq.mtr / month

Physical Properties

Barcol Hardness Minimum 40 Standard IS : 12866
Tensile Test Minimum 7,000 PSI Standard ASTM
Flextural Strength Test Minimum 14,000 PSI Standard ASTM
Density 1.4 to 1.6 Standard IS : 12866
Water Absorption Test Maximum 0.25% Standard IS : 12866
Bolt Shear Test Minimum 375 N Standard IS : 12866
Load Difflection Test Minimum 1100 N Standard IS : 12866

Comparison of Machine makes FRP/GRC Sheet and Polycarbonate Sheet

Parameter Machine Make FRP/GRP Sheet Polycarbonate sheet
Chemical stability Very high No stability
Reinforcement Reinforcement (Glass fibre) No reinforcement
Mechanical Strength Very high due to reinforcement Low
UV UV material UV coated

Comparison of Machine makes FRP/GRC Sheet and Hand Lay-up FRP/GRC Sheet

Parameter Machine Make FRP/GRP Sheet Hand lay up FRP/GRP sheet
Thickness Uniform thickness Thickness variation
Profile Uniform profile No uniform profile
Guard Film Both side cling film No film
Tensile strength Min. 7000 PSI 6500 PSI
Flexural Strength Min.14000 PSI 12000 PSI
Glass Content Min. 30 25-30
Barcol Hardness 40 – 45 Upto 40
Availability 50,000 Sq.mtr / month 9100 Sq.mtr / month